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Last night I took a lot of care to make Grant a food/drink bag to take to work. Note: this is not a standard thing, as 1.) he works from home 3/5 days each week, 2.) he likes to go out to lunch, and 3.) he does half the shopping and cooking and would be as likely as me to pack stuff if he wanted stuff packed. But he wanted some leftovers and went to bed too tired to put it together. He's gone ALL DAY when he goes in, since the commute is so intense.

Anyway, I was smiling as I packaged him up a container of chili with a tiny tupperware of shredded cheddar, a ziploc of crackers, and a tiny tupperware of cream cheese to go on them, since this is how we garnish chili around here. Then a container of kale and bean soup, with an extra side tiny tupperware of parmesan cheese. Spoon, butter knife. Found and filled up his water bottle and put it all in the bag in the fridge.

It was very satisfying this morning when he texted that he'd been forced to smile against his will at an ungodly morning hour when he saw it all, and accused me of grin-rape <3

I started seeing a new doctor today, because the levels of disorganization at my old doctor reached new heights. They don't answer the phone or return calls (ever - I always end up just driving over after several days' efforts to reach them), they don't even return faxes from the pharmacy when I need a refill on my B-12 vials. They don't draw blood in the office and TWICE now they've told me they sent in an order for me to have blood drawn and then when I get to the lab, sign in and wait to be called, I find out they actually forgot to send the order. So I just have to leave. Worst of all, especially with reference to all these other things I'm describing, they are only open for a few hours 3 times a week since their old office had a fire a year ago. They've been sharing space with another office ever since and I was trying to hang in there for them, but man. It's a shit show. Totally representative of the whole place that the empty water cooler has had a paper sign taped on for months that says, "Please buy water!"

Anyway, this new place is (of course) half an hour up the road, but anytime I leave town for any kind of medical care, it's a revelation and I'm glad I did. When I got to this new place today, they had a personalized stack of forms waiting for me that had been printed already including all the info I gave them over the phone when I made the appointment. Can you imagine? They also drew blood right there in the office, which was generally much nicer, more spacious, and full of friendly people acting like I was a human being.

I really don't love giving new people my medical history because the shock value is too high and they always go on and on about it. However, the doctor today was a former OR nurse and actually cried and apologized on behalf of the medical establishment, for my retained surgical instrument. Simultaneously kinda ridiculous and kinda amazing.

It's good that things can be efficient. I was really clinging to the old doc being half a mile from my house (we have to get on the highway for SO MANY THINGS already) but it's clear this will actually save me time and energy, backwards as that might be.

Tangent: It was getting seriously old with the other doctor, feeling I was hassling them and getting so many suspicious looks and questions from the office staff every time I was "back about the shots again." Seriously, who the fuck has a B-12 problem? It's not exactly a controlled substance. Over and over the secretaries acted like I wanted it for weight loss, asked if it was helping me lose weight, etc, and over and over I had to explain that I have a diagnosed malabsorption condition and need it for basic functioning/survival. UGH.

Sometimes it's still wild to me that I have this chronic condition and need these shots forever, and yet I could easily just stop going to get them. Nobody's gonna make me - nobody official is keeping track of whether I do or don't. Quite the opposite; I often have to fight through red tape for them. The gastroenterologist who diagnosed me acts outraged every time I express any of this to him and offers to fax my lab results to more places, but it's not like he does continuing/follow-up care himself.

Date: 2016-07-26 12:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow! I'm surprised you stayed with that old doctor as long as you did! And for doctors or staff to make you feel like an addict because you choose to take care of yourself with those B12 shots......well......that's disgusting! Good for you for finding a place with staff that seem much more pro-patient! It's worth the extra trip on the highway, er?

Date: 2016-07-27 05:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, she was SO close, and really wonderful herself, and the fire seemed like the kind of extenuating thing it's only right to cut some slack over. It definitely got ridiculous, though....

Honestly the new docs are trying to cut me back to the smallest possible recommended dose now, which I just don't understand. There's no toxic upper limit; I literally get groupon offers for gratuitous B-12 shots, in my mass emails! So why not allow me to pay for a more liberal dose, since I have a real documented condition, and the consequences of dropping below an optimal level include BRAIN DAMAGE??? Gah. We're currently at a compromise dose that is half what I'd previously been on for a year.

I would just take the health spa, gratuitous shots route, except 1.) I'd have to travel for them (whereas Grant gives me shots at home), 2.) insurance wouldn't cover any of it, and 3.) there would be no way to monitor my blood levels throughout the year if I wasn't under a doctor's care.

Date: 2016-07-26 07:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

It's crazy that secretaries are commenting on it at all beyond the basic information that they need to know for scheduling. Pretty sure that's a HIPPA violation. Glad you found a better environment.

Date: 2016-07-27 05:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I haven't spent much time in the kinds of doctor's offices where anyone would worry about details like HIPPA re: front desk conversations. Which has it's pros and cons, I guess :p

Definitely glad to be done with the old place!

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